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Florence/Tuscaloosa, AL, us
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In an Open Relationship
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Video games. Die Videospieler. Los Videojuegos. Whatever you want to call them...they're are basically my life. From the zany mechs of Virtual On to the outlandish combos of Street Fighter my gaming favorites range from many many different genres. But what's even better then games is playing them with my best friends[whom totally rock btw]. I love watching movies and listening to music. I'm a student at the University of Alabama and love it. Most definitely an experience of a life time. I want to travel when I get older. See Europe and Asia mostly, but Australia, South America and Africa would rock too. Antarctica...not sure. =P
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Georgem Washington w
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HE is the way
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Gaming. Duh. Watching movies and hanging with buddies. I love hosting movie nights and introducing friends to movies they might not have ever heard of. Love sports as well. Ultimate frisbee and basketball are always fun. Working out and running are passons of mine. Definitely running. Must be why I love Sonic so much. lol Listening to music is such a relieving part of my life. Nothing like putting on the right song after a long day.

My Occupation

College/Poor Student. xP

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